Hi my name is Windy Hempstead. I have created this blog for 2 reasons.1st to let the public know about my little brothers and my quest to find inmate Darren Rainey justice. Darren Rainey died June 23 2012 in Dade. correctional Institution located in Miami Florida. He was mentally ill. Guards put him in a shower where only the staff could control the temperatures.They scalded him to death so bad he suffered what is called slippage.My brother immediately began to contact the proper authorities and when that didn’t work I began contacting those same authorities as well as people in higher positions.The responses received were always we’re waiting for autopsy reports until I was told the case was closed. After almost 2 years of our attempts to find  justice for Darren Rainey my brother and I started discussing what other options wete available we agreed the only option left was to contact the media! So I did just that and I contacted The Miami herald who in return went to the prison and spoke to my brother.Since then they have ran many, many stories about Darren Raineys death and they also begim there own investigation into all of the Florida Dept. Of Corrections prison system and have uncovered so many more cases of inmates being beat, killed, starved, raped and set up all by guards and or staff at many different prisons.June 23 will be 3 years that Darren Rainey has been gone and to date there has been no arrest in his case.So far the only accomplishment in his case is that it is now being investigated.    The 2nd reason for me starting this blog is to eventually expose the truth behind my brothers criminal trial.                                              I am very new at creating a blog so please continue to check this blog as I continue to learn how it works I will begin to publish many, many different links to all of the articles that have ran about the abuse in Floridas prison system and I will also publish many important documents about my brothers conviction! I promise no 1 will be bored and many will be left speechless!