It felt amazing to see my little brother today!It gave me goosebumps to see him smile at me and our mom!!He has been through so much these last 16 years in prison,especially at Dade C.I!It warms my heart to know I made his day!Our visit was only 2 hours long but we enjoyed every minute of it.It was cool to see him enjoy a cold Mellow Yello and to announce a 3rd can would keep him up all night lol.To think,when he went to prison 16 years ago if cell phones existed only the elite had them(we had beepers),there was no world wide web,again if there was he was not aware of it and the capabilities of having it.I had to explain Facebook and Google and twitter and yes how this blog works as well. Sometimes I find myself thinking if prison abuse would go away prison would offer something to inmates and that would be a chance to free there souls!A chance to right there wrongs,away from the temptations that we the free are open to everyday!They have no porn,aren’t suspose to have drugs or liquor,in a controlled atmosphere they literally could be free of sin.Now these are just thoughts as I must amuse myself, my brother is serving 165 year sentence!!!I know 1 day he will be free now if only I could guarantee myself it would be while he was here on earth.I am sooooo proud of him I truly believe alot of people could learn from him.We must unite and make this world a better place,somehow someway as it is our childrens future!!I wish no mother to go through what mine is.I made her smile today but tomorrow will be different!!God Bless everyone who has helped spread the word about what is going on in our prison systems!I truly believe you are helping to make the world a better place!