I’m sitting here watching Locked up. It’s a series based on county jails based throughout the United States. Once again it saddens me to watch as some people who are obviously innocent, some who are way to young to even be housed with adults and how some have found themselves in this situation time and time again. Something needs to change with our judicial system and it’s not going to happen until enough citizens step up and make it happen. We, just ordinary people have such power and sadly most don’t even realize it.Our power is our voice.We need more people to help or we’re going to spend more time fighting these battles to change the way things are right now.We have children in adult prisons, we have mentally ill people ,who need to be hospitalized , in prisons, we have guards and staff , who have abused inmates in the past, who have been fired from 1 prison and allowed to work at another, some even hired in higher positions.We have prisoners in prisons who have been eligible for parole, for many, many years and still remain behind bars, we have inmates in prison who are not receivng proper medical care, some are being treated for cancer with Tylenol, some inmates have medical issues not even being addressed as in the case of inmate Harold Hempstead, my brother! I will address his medical problem in a different blog. Needless to say, this past year I have met many,many people who are helping expose exactly what is going on in our Florida prison system!I say this past year as just over a year ago I found a very nice person who has a high position with The Miami Herald,this man gave my brother a voice.He joined our 2 yr fight (at that point its been a 3 year fight now) to find justice for a poor,black,mentally ill inmate Darren Rainey who was scaulded to death at Dade C.I.That person after hearing from my brother he decided to investigate the entire Fl.Dept of Corr. prison system and because of that The Miami Herald has ¬†uncovered many,many horror stories of inmates who were being raped,set up,beat,starved,tortured and killed all by staff and or guards at many,many prisons throughout Florida!This man is a silent hero as he’s never been awarded any awards or even been thanked except by me and my brother!Anyhow our fight to find Darren Rainey justice and to change the prison system is bringing in small victories,but without more people to help us with this fight it will perhaps take us years to do what we are trying to do and alot of these inmate victims may not live to see that happen and if our fight takes years we are going to have more victims!If it has taken us 3 years to try and find justice for an inmate scaulded to death by guards and we still have no arrest made can you imagine how long it’s going to take us to change all of these problems without more help!!I urge everyone who reads this realize your voice and opinion matters,help us fight for our inmates,help us stop all this horror!This can be done simply by googling inmate abuse in Florida, creating petitions, tweeting your thoughts,calling our GovernorSenators and House Representatives.Here is a link to The Miami Herald.This link will provide all of the stories they have published about this topic but understand an editor has recently told me he feels like he opened pandoras box and there simply isn’t enough writers to cover every story uncovered!Basically the newspapers need our help as well!!!http://pubsys.miamiherald.com/static/media/projects/2015/cruel-and-unusual/