Hahaha maybe this inmate should be the Governor. Read how an unidentified inmate proves Gov Scott didn’t really change anything well except for 2 things.hmmmmmmmm

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Note: The anonymous inmate/author’s comments appear in regular type, my personal comments appear in italics, and portions of  Executive Order 15-102 appear in red above the author’s response to them. I have added live links that are appropriate to the author’s response, and added text of Florida statutes, rules, regulations, etc., that the author referenced, which will appear in indented form near the end of this post. I have used the following abbreviations: United States Code, USC; Florida Statues, FS; Florida Administrative Codes, FAC. I will well correct, rearrange or expand upon this post after its author has proofread it (I am prone to typographical errors). Portions of  Executive Order 15-102 will appear in red where applicable to the author’s response to the Executive Order, a complete pdf of the Executive Order appears at the end of the post. Now on to the anonymous inmate’s response to Rick Scott’s Executive…

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