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“Mandela Rules” passed, standards on the treatment of prisoners enhanced for the 21st century

Passage of landmark resolution at the Vienna Crime Commission revises the 1955 standard minimum rules for treatment of prisoners, ensuring they remain the universally acknowledged benchmark for prison administrations worldwide

Vienna, 22 May 2015 – Following agreement on UN rules for the treatment of prisoners, the head of UNODC, Yury Fedotov, praised Member States’ efforts and said the resolution heralded a new era for the improvement of prisoners’ treatment everywhere.

“I offer my warmest congratulations to Member States for their constructive spirit and commitment in passing the resolution on the UN standard minimum rules. Thanks to your work, the world now has an updated blueprint offering practical guidance on how prisons should be managed safely, securely and humanely,” the UNODC’s Executive Director said.

Countries are encouraged to reflect the “Mandela Rules” in their national…

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