The death of Darren Rainey is always on my mind.His death has changed my life forever. His death has changed my Lil brother Harold Hempsteads life forever and his death has affected our family greatly. For the last 3 years I have been doing all I can do to help my brothers voice be heard and I have been doing all I can do to help find Darren Rainey justice. I also now find myself fighting for justice for many,many inmates who have been abused or who are not receiving proper health care.I will continue these battles until things change within D.O.C’s Florida prisons, until justice is served for all those mistreated or killed and until Corizon and Wexford and any outside agency hired by the D.O.C to provide health care to our inmates actually starts providing our inmates with necessary health care.The death of Darren Rainey started me on this long journey,to remember him my brother Harold Hempstead and I am asking for everybody to join us on June 23,2015 in remembering him by taking to any and all social media sights you are active with and only blog or talk about Darren Rainey .I would love it if possible if people give him that whole day but for some people that might be too much so we are asking that everyone do this atleast from 6:00 p.m -9:00 p.m.Some suggestions on what could be posted are maybe how is death affected your life, or a simple remembering Darren Rainey during these hours as this is the approx. time frame that led to his death.(my brother heard him fall at 8:30) some reports say he was in that torture chamber for 2 hours.other suggestions might be simply we’re fighting for justice for you Darren Rainey so that you may one day rest in peace. I’m sure many of you have similar or better ideas but please ask your friends and families to join me and my family in remembering this man on June 23rd 6:00p.m-9:00 p.m!Please ask your family and friends to participate in this as well.When The Miami Herald heard about what happened to Darren Rainey they uncovered many cases of abuse,rapes,set ups,inmates being starved,inmates not receiving proper medical care and inmates dying all at the hands of guards and or staff at many,many of our Florida prisons.Sadly it took this mans death for the world to know.Darren Rainey I know you are watching from above please know I will do ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING I can do to get you justice so that you may Rest In Peace and so that your family can have closure.