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Dade Correctional Institution is deadly … like other Florida facilities.

2014: Lavar Valentin told Dade corrections officers that his cellmate threatened to kill him, and asked for protection. The officers ignored him. His cellmate killed him.


2013: After suffering abuse from Dade corrections officers, Richard Mair filed a grievance. Corrections officer beat him mercilessly, off-camera, for doing so. He committed suicide to escape the abuse, writing a note naming his attackers, which authorities would not investigate.


2012: Mentally ill Darren Rainey reportedly defecated in his cell at Dade, and refused to clean it up. Corrections officers put him in a closet-sized shower with external temperature controls – a punishment previously used on other inmates. The officers scalded Rainey to death. The skin melted off his body, for which the medical term is apparently “slippage.” The medical examiner has not yet released his report, no charges have been…

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