Please share to date she still can not visit with her son

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I received this letter from a mom who’s son is mentally ill and in our wonderful lol really horrible Fl.prison system.This letter covers several years of issues she’s being forced to deal with because of  having a mentally ill son in prison instead of a hospital.
My son Kristopher was at Polk county jail for 3 yrs until they stabilized him to stand him trial at Polk county jail, Kris was diagnosed 2001 April after my mothers death Sept 8 2000, where he was diagnosed with schizophrenia and paranoia with depression, his first baker act was at Citrus Health, he had several admissions there were several others at Jackson Memorial, AT Geo care Atlantic shores at Peace river  in Polk County, while he was sitting in jail at Polk county he attempted suicide, then I found out someone saw him and told me he ripped  his penis with hands and had…

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