I created this blog for justice for Darren Rainey and to help free my brother for aprox.30 crimes that he was convicted of but only admits to 1 of them and is innocent of the rest,but it turns out this blog is being used for whoever needs their story told.If someone tells me about inmate abuse or suffering my plan is to start blogging on them and I also want to uncover what exactly is going on in the offices of the Inspector Generals office and all of the many different offices within the Fl. Dept. of Corr.

The story below is just 1 example of why I am anxious to find out what these people are up to.Who felt like they could forge my brothers name and get away with it?This person needs to understand Harold Hempstead is my baby brother and I don’t play games with people when it comes to people who do bad things to my family.I don’t think the person who forged my brothers name knew I had Power of attorney over my brother.Maybe this person just figured it could be covered up since so many prison guards and or staff are being accused of beating inmates,starving inmates,torturing inmates,raping inmates,setting inmates up,not giving inmates proper medical care and killing inmates and so far we’ve not seen many arrest.It appears they are all being covered up.Look I don’y play like this I play straight I will be contacting people in numerous offices to find out what is being done about this and if any laws have been broken!Fl.Dept.of Corrections and Governor Rick we need answers there are so many different cases a huge newspaper like the Miami Herald can not even write on all the cases.I also had to stand by and watch my brothers Judge and the State Attorney charge my brother with something like 30 burglaries yet their evidence was all circumstancial except for the charge he admits hes guilty off.I’m very tired of people playing games with my brother. The person who forged my brothrers name needs to be found and charged and I plan on doing all I can do to see that that happens.

Florida Prisons

JANUARY 2, 2015

Florida Department of Corrections investigates allegedly forged public record

The Florida Department of Corrections is investigating whether it provided a forged document to the Miami Herald in response to a public records request.