After finding out 2 more guards have been arrested at  Florida State Prison a Florida Dept of Corr. prison I’m left feeling a mixture of feelings I’m happy they arrested 2 guards and suspended 8 but it leaves me wondering why there’s not a massive amount of guards being arrested throughout Florida especially in the Darren Rainey scalding death and those uncovered by the Miami Heralds independent investigation! I can’t help but wonder if the Dept. of Corr. is attempting to appear to be cleaning house in an effort to convince higher  authorities that they are making necessary changes.There is no way the Dept. of Corr. can prove they are doing the right thing unless they arrest and charge all guards who have abused,starved or murdered inmates even if the incidents took place in the last few years.Arresting a few guards is not proving anything,don’t get me wrong I’m thankful but we as citizens need to see that no one gets away with hurting or killing any inmate. 2 other huge problems are that when The Dept of Corr. fires a guard from 1 prison those guards are still allowed to work at another prison and any police dept. and in many case they get promoted I have seen it happen in the Darren Rainey case.This is unacceptable and must stop and secondly another huge problem is alot of times where there are guards who are abusing,setting up,starving,raping and killing inmates there are staff that knows what is going on and these staff alot of times protect the guards well those staff need to be found and charged as accomplices and not ever again be allowed to work at another prison or police Dept.

JULY 1, 2015

2 prison guards busted, 8 suspended in pill ring