It saddens me that Matthew walkers family still will have no closure.I will believe only what I see and so far I have seen anything but abuse and coverups!

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When they learn of Rick Scott latest Executive Order concerning the Florida Department of Corrections, Floridians with loved ones behind bars will likely feel they’ve had a truckload of rock salt poured into the wounds created by Scott’s warm, fuzzy feelings for abusive and homicidal corrections personnel, as the E.O. follows directly on the heels of the announcement that a Grand Jury failed to indict the officers who beat Matthew Walker to death.

Scott’s related News Release, below, firmly establishes that he and FDoC Secretary Julie Jones admire each other, although there’s nothing admirable in either of them being all talk, all the time.

But the Release hints at something dark … spending taxpayers money for the FDoC to continue to spin its wheels on legitimate reform.

I’ve added links to the News Release to aid in understanding the suspected darkness, which I’ll repeat here. One link is to the

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