I went and seen my brother  Harold Hempstead 2 weeks ago but with so much going on in life I have  not had the chance to share this picture with you.I love my brother with my whole heart. Growing up alot of times all we had was each other and my old brother. You know when my Lil brother and I 1st started talking about how we were going to find justice for Darren Rainey and was talking about the possibility of getting media involved I never thought  that we would still be fighting for justice.I thought this newspaper is going to publish this story and the cops are going to go down to Dade C.I and arrest some guards and a houseful of staff that tried to covered up Darren Raineys death and I certainly never imagined that the Miami herald would uncover story after story of inmates being abused, rape,starved, set-up, inmates not receiving proper medical care, some not even receiving medical care  and inmates being murdered all by guards and/or staff at numerous prisons throughout Florida and alot of stories where staff would cover for these abusive guards’ staff like captains,wardens,and other guards. In the last few months I have seen SOME arrest be made but I gotta be honest here, I don’t trust the people who run D.O.C and I know I’m not alone in saying that. The abuse hasn’t stopped. The setups haven’t stopped and inmates still aren’t receiving proper medical care and we’re not seeing the staff that helped guards get away with these horrible things getting into any kind of trouble!.I’m begging The Dept of Justice to please take control of our Florida prison system so we can have some peace.Since my brother spoke to the media I have either talked to or emailed with about 50,000 people,maybe more, alot of them supporters for what my brother did but alot were also family of inmates seeking help as their family member was either not receiving proper medical care or had been beat up or threatened.This is absolutely ridiculous!!!!Family members of abused inmates who were either to scared to talk to anyone within Fl.D.O.C  or had tried that and got no where!!!!! I’v also watched as many,many guards who were fired from 1 prison for mistreatment of an inmate just get rehired at another prison or police station and alot of times promoted.Now how does that sound fair.If a guard is fired for beating an inmate he or she should never be allowed to work in any prison,police station,hospital,school or nursing home!!! If the Dept.of Correction was serious about change why are we still reading stories of abuse.Yes we are hearing stories of arrest but all that does is confirm what I am saying.These prisons are still full of staff who hurt inmates and come on you can’t tell me that the Wardens and captains at these prisons don’t know who the trouble makers are, if they don’t then they’re not doing their jobs right!!!! I just recently had someone call and tell me that at Dade C.I (where Darren Rainey was scalded death), guards just watched on Camera as a larger inmate beat a smaller inmate up and this was the 2nd incident between these 2 inmates,they said it took place about 3 months ago.I can’t get a positive confirmation on what happened from D.O.C but what I was told was that the guards names that were given to me were under some kind of investigation and for the moment 2  had desk jobs and are not allowed to have any contact with inmates and 1 resigned!!!Hmmmmm my source was most likely right.This incident happened at Dade C.I, this prison is also in the spot light for the D.O.C and Attorney Peter Sleaseman with Disability Rights Florida reaching an agreement that is suppose to completely change Dade C.I The agreement was suppose to make inmates safer there.Things like this was suppose to stop,atleast at Dade C.IDept. of Justice if The Fl Dept. of Corr itself goes to court and agrees to do something like keep inmates safe at Dade C.I and they can’t do that how are we suppose to trust that they are going to keep any inmate safe!!!  #deptofjustice please help us and take over the Fl Dept of Corr.