if hes being honest hes got my vote

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Martin O’Malley can’t know everything that activists know, i.e.; that the decisions made in Trayvon Martin case were made by a man who spent much of his career laboring to keep frame-ups intact, among other blood-drenched lawlessness … Florida’s 18th Judicial Circuit State Attorney Norm Wolfinger, who has since retired.

But with the data retention and reporting that O’Malleys’ plan calls for, the need to search for the truths told by obscure, untalented bloggers familiar only with certain localities will be greatly diminished. The frame-ups that remain intact courtesy of Wolfinger’s successor, Phil Archer, will begin to crumble … Gary Bennett, Crosley Green, Jeff Abramowski and others will go home.

Please share this post to thank O’Malley for a job well done, and to get the word out that reforming our criminal justice system is do-able. Thank you.


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