I must say we never thought this is where we’d be today!Seriously our intentions are for Darren Rainey to have justice.After the newspaper bec ame aware of my brothers fight for justice for Darrern rainey they also found out about other cases of inmates being set up,gassed,jumped,raped,beat up,starved,killed the list goes on and on and all done by guards .So I have to say today I fight for justice for Darren Rainey and to have our prison system changed so that inmates can serve their time and thrive into law abiding citizens.I have always tried to help my brother!I’ve wrote Governor after Governor!Nothing helps!!I am very shocked and greatful that it appears I now have people who agree with me.People who want my brother free!May God grant this wish!We sure could use his help on the outside!I need to say thankyou to some very special people at The Miami Herald I cannot name them but you 2 know who you are!Thankyou for beleiving my brother!It is because you gave my brother a voice we now have the Dept of Justice investigating Darren Raineys death and now these beautiful articles!I’m so blessed to have met you!If anyone is reading this and wants to helpmy brother be free please contact our Senate and most importantly Gov.Rick Scott.No judge is going to set him free and I don’t understand why. He knows to much about something and I have evidence that proves that!


AUGUST 12, 2015

Inmate — and public servant