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Are Recent Arrests Of Florida Correctional Officers Proof Of New Prison Reform Policies?

Last month, a Lake City Correctional officer was arrested for lying about gassing an inmate in the face.

Most recently, three other arrests occurred—which included two Suwannee Correctional officers charged with battering two inmates by spraying them with chemical agents and also falsely reporting it …

Sen. Greg Evers (R-Baker), who chaired the Senate Criminal Justice Committee, was in charge of this year’s effort to reform Florida’s prisons in the Senate. He calls the arrests proof things are turning around.

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A drenched individual that just walked indoors is an obviously reliable source on whether it’s raining; an individual that hasn’t left his windowless cubicle for hours is just as obviously not a reliable source.

Just like rain, Florida prison reform is either happening, or it is isn’t. And it most definitely isn’t.

Given their…

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