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When the incarcerated innocent’s letter was mailed, his younger, physically stronger, convicted-sex-offender cellmate had made two attempts to rape him. There may have been more since the letter was sent … it described the cellmate’s threats of future attempts.

This incarcerated innocent has been warehoused at Northwest Florida Reception Center’s deadly main unit long enough to know that requests for help will be met with retaliation, by the would-be rapist, prison personnel, or both.

Three of the six deaths at NWFRC this year are under investigation by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. The summaries of completed investigations that are posted online are so redacted as to be meaningless, as meaningless as every aspect of the “prison reform” that is supposedly underway. Mainstream media portrayals of progress being made in making Florida prisons more safe, sane and humane simply aren’t true. Governor Rick Scott and Florida Department of Corrections Secretary…

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