Although this article says the prisons must still make changes I am a bit concerned if they are going to make these changes and if they do will the changes be the changes we need to protect our inmates? So with that said I must say to Julie Jones:Please protect our inmates.They all have family on the outside and they all are human beings and deserve to be treated as human beings.I realize you took a job that was riddled with to many problems to list but most importantly inmates are dying and suffering horrible abuse and if you’re serious about reform there are things that must change.I know what things must change as my brother is in the Fl.prison system and its not old news that he is trying to change your prison system himself.So in case you don’t know if you want the abuse and killings to stop you must #1 prison reform will happen when prison staff  know they will be held liable for their actions. #2 provide audio and visual everywhere an inmate goes so that we don’t have anymore cases of inmates being beat out of view of security cameras. #3you must secure the fuse boxes that control these devices so that no guards/staff members or to be fair,inmates are able to turn these devices off or make them “accidently” malfunctioned as in the case of Darren Rainey.A black,mentally ill inmate who was scalded to death June 23rd 2012.Just so its known My brother and I and all of the supporters we now have will fight for justice for Darren Rainey until those guards are arrested!!! #3 The inmates should be fed more.I say this because all inmates receive the same amount of food regardless of their size so alot of inmates, if not all, are leaving chow hall hungry.Why not go to Publix and other grocery stores and ask for their leftover bread.I know these stores donate alot of food items to almost anyone who ask for them.This is just a sugestion,as its extremely sad to see inmates enter prison weighing 200 lbs(not fat but healthy tall inmates) and be there a couple of years and weigh 140lbs. #4 Something has to be done about the companies who provide medical treatment to our inmates.Its extremely disturbing to hear inmates are dying of cancer and receiving tylenol for pain!#5 This 1 may be hard but if you really want the citizens to beleive you this has to be done.We beleive every guard who works for Fl.Dept.of Corr. should have their records reviewed and if there are multiple complaints of inmate abuse they should be fired and not allowed to work at another Florida prison.I say multiple because I do beleive that some inmates may make some stuff up but if you see 2 or 3 or more complaints those complaints are most likely true and you should not take a chance.#6 All future people who are hired to be a guard at 1 of our Florida prisons should be atleast 23. Right now we have 19 yr old guards, whos brains are not even fully developed,working with inmates.#6 I don’t beleive inmates who are mentally ill should be in prison I beleive they should be in the hospital but since there are so many in prison I beleive inmates who are mentally ill should not be put in solitary confinement.If they become a danger to themselves or others they should be transported to a psychiatric hospital.The use of confinement is being drastically abused to say the least both mentally ill inmates and general population inmates spend way to much time in solitary confinement.#7 I also believe that only specially trained staff should be allowed around mentally ill inmates. #8 The most important. I know if you do this Julie Jones you will have earned a great deal of respect from Florida citizens and from Florida inmates.We need an Independent oversight committee.One that has no members of the Fl. Dept.of Corr. on its committee.I know thats a tough one for you Julie Jones but it would prove to the world you are honest when you say you want transparency.I could write more on things our prison system needs b ut if these things are implemented into our prisons I guarantee you inmate abuse and inmate death will stop.


SEPTEMBER 10, 2015

Improvements made, more needed, prison audit says