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Offender Picture Hanzel Bloodsaw

There are rumblings on Facebook that the bruising on 45-year-old Hanzel Bloodsaw’s body indicates his death was something other than suicide, which the Facebook posts state as the cause of death that authorities are claiming, so far. Bloodsaw died on October 16th at Dade Correctional Institution, approximately 13 months into his 10-year sentence. The Florida Department of Corrections shows his death as under investigation by the Miami Dade Police Department, which means that no one can expect a reasonable result, even years from now. The corrections officers who scalded Darren Rainey to death at the same facility on June 23, 2012 have faced no consequences, despite Caged Crusader Harold Hempstead managing to enlist the aid of many organizations to ensure consequences. They jointly called for an investigation of Florida prisons, which will likely lead to the DoJ takeover that I’ve personally been pushing for … I feel…

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