After watching fox 13 last night I realised that my brother just wants to be free, but not like you and I would think about when we think of being free(oh I’m sure he probably thinks about getting out of prison everynow and then)but I realised him getting free is just to be able to return to general population.This is really messed up on so many levels.My baby brother did a good thing and he does not deserve to be punished for it.I also realised that we don’t deserve to have to worry about my brother being in general population.Julie Jones needs to ensure those prisons are safe for him and all inmates.She needs to give my brother his wish.She says they’re so many improvements.I think if she beleives what she tells the reporters than she should prove it and let my brother return to General Population in Zephyrhills,where D.O.C  approved him to be right befor he was thrown into protective custody.I believe by keeping him in protective custody she afraid of these prisons and if thats the case she should stand up and be honest.I’m sure everyone is with me when I say we people here in Florida, dealing with this prison abuse issue ,just want 1 leader of D.O.C  to be honest!!