Please help the ACLU and another person who cares about our fl.inmates.Florida prisons need change and we can’t make that happen without help from people like you.Sometimes people see these petitions and ignore them thinking whats my signature going to do but those signatures add up and we need ALOT of signatures,people who care. In our Florida prisons inmates,especially those who are mentally ill,black,poor,in confinement or any special housing are being raped,beat up ,set up,poisoned,starved,killed unfortunately this list goes on and on and all by guards and/or staff members.We have too many inmates in prisons and not enough guards to take care of them which leads to disaster!We need to end this mass incarceration and prisons for profit its leading to not only inmates being abused,tortured and killed but it tears families apart,it leave children fatherless or motherless and alot of times people are found guilty of crimes they did not commit and/or sentenced to ridiculous amounts of time! I know alot of these things personally.Please take a moment and sign these petitions and share them to anyone who will listen.You could save lives or help bring a parent home!


please also click on the link below it will help you understand just how overstuffed our prisons are