These last 10 days have had me  full of so many different feelings! To start off with I have to tell everybody what these 2 friends of our family did for my brother.I guess you have to know how we met these 2 beautiful people.When my brother was on trial in 2000   2 pastors (a husband and wife) seen my brother in the newspaper,it was a story about my brothers trial  and how the judge gave him 165 year sentence and what the judge had told my brother “Pinellas Circuit Judge Brandt Downey III told Hempstead, “In my mind, you are a despicable human being and you do not deserve to ever again walk around as a free person. … Hopefully, you will die in prison.Here is a link to that story;

   This couple immediately started writing my brother and visiting him and teaching him about the words of God.They have remained friends with my brother as well as friends with me and our mom the entire time my brother has been in prison.We all believe that God sent us this couple and we are all so blessed to have them in our life.They visited with my brother a month or so ago and they discussed with my brother that they wanted to create a website about my brother but it would be more or less showing who he is as a person .Feel free to take a look at it.

try to keep in mind this couple is extremely knew at building a website but its inspirational and things will be  added all the time so keep checking back also feel free to add a prayer request,we all know sometimes in life its hard to find that faith and it feels really good to have someone else ask God to help.

These 2 very special friends of ours are truly amazing brothers and sisters in Christ. I think it was so nice of them to build a website about my brother.

Well the next exciting thing is that I was notified by channel 4’s Inv.Reporter Michele Gillen(who went out to the prison and interviewed my brother) she was ready to air her reports.On January 19,2016 her first report of a 2 part series “The Witness” aired.Words can’t describe how proud I am of my brother.I admire his courage and his faith in God.


After I was able to watch part one I was so happy,my lil brother was on the news  in Miami,where Darren Rainey died I was thinking many new people would hear about what had happened at Dade corr.Inst. to Darren Rainey the night he died in 2012.Thank God my brothers voice continues to be heard I pray everytime hes on t.v or in a paper someone new will hear him and learn about what is going on in our Fl D.O.C prisons!After the airing of part 1 of “The Witness”aired Michele Gillen received notice that Darren Raineys autopsy was finished and handed to the Miami Dade State Attorneys office. After almost 4 years it was of no surprise to me since I beleive that autopsy had been finished,I can’t wrap my head around the idea of any autopsy taking almost 4 years to complete but apparently my brothers face being on T.V in Miami caused a stir and after the airing of part2 of “The Witness” which aired the very next night Jan 20,2016. The Media started getting sources to say the suspected results of Darren Raineys Autopsy report is accidental,heart disease,confinement in a locked shower and schizophrenia.


Here is a link to The Miami Herald which reported what sources had told them about Darren Raineys suspected autopsy results

After The Miami Herald ran the article above they followed with another one and I have to say everybody should read it.

after seeing that her reports “The Witness” seemed to put forth some results Michele Gillen is still digging and investigating herself the death of Darren Rainey and the obvious cover up. Michele Gillen and Howard Simon who runs the Florida branch of the ACLU went on a talk show called Focus on South Florida

I am very thankful to have so many people who are fighting for justice and change,I am also thankful for any and all media sources that have allowed my brothers voice to be heard in a sense Darren Raineys voice is also being heard.The Miami Herald and Michele Gillen are not giving up,neither am I or my brother or the thousands of supporters we are blessed to have.I hear Michele Gillen will be reporting something very soon so check back here often as I will keep everybody updated.