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An M.E. casts doubt on Rainey’s ‘accidental’ death

In his 40 years overseeing inmate death cases in New York’s prisons, Dr. Michael Baden says he has rarely seen a case as outrageous as Darren Rainey’s.

While it’s of some comfort that Dr. Baden finds the ruling of accidental death in Darren Rainey’s case outrageous, I don’t want to read any more comments about Darren’s horrific scalding homicide or the make-believe investigation that’s supposedly been ongoing since June of 2012. The preliminary autopsy report is out there on on the Internet (and provided below), and it reads as though written by a gossipy fourth grader.
The preliminary autopsy report bears two dates. The one in 2012 is appropriate; the one in 2014 is not. Absent is what “primary photographer” Cynthia Colt saw through her lens. Absent is Darren’s body actual temperature, substituted with the unacceptable description that…

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