Hmmmmm I  can’t help but wonder is there going to be another attempt at a cover up in Darren Raineys death.Lets see the  2012 M.E’s report has been published along with a sworn affidavit from my brother Harold Hempstead aka The caged crusader.The stuff that was going on at Dade C.I  uncovered what was going on in the majority if not all of our Fl.Dept of Corrections prisons.It breaks my heart that there are people of authority who will torture and or kill people because they can.Yes because they can and this has to stop.These inmates are in prison to serve their time and be rehabilitated,how much rehabilitation are they getting by being beat,raped,starved ,poisoned, set up,and their Def not being rehabilitated by being dead.My heart breaks for their families and I make this promise to those families,my brother Harold Hempstead, and I and now many people who I can not name will not stop fighting for justice for the loved ones you’ve lost or for your loved ones that have been abused and tortured.We will continue to fight until this nonsense stops.We are going to do our best to ensure 1 day their will never be another case as ridiculous as the killing of Darren Rainey.