Read my brothers sworn avadavit he wrote to the Dept of justice.

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The Miami Herald dubbed inmate Harold Hempstead the Caged Crusader for his efforts to have those responsible for Darren Rainey’s June 23, 2012 scalding death at Dade Correctional Institution brought to justice by the US Department of Justice. That his monumental efforts have been unsuccessful hasn’t silenced Harold. It instead fueled his efforts to prevent additional abuse, injury and death within Florida prisons.

In the most recent affidavit that Harold sent to the DoJ, Harold describes the difference between Close Management and Protective management, and how dangerous it is for the Florida Department of Corrections to ignore their opposing purposes, and treat Close Management and Protective Management as one and the same.

Close Management is for violent gang members, sexually aggressive inmates, etc. Protective Management is for inmates who are most at risk from inmates that belong in Close Management, including incarcerated former law enforcement officers. It isn’t just ridiculously…

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