13133359_10209976059105030_7871403980859420275_nI have known Gemma for a couple of years now and I have known Kristophers story for as long but sadly things just get worse and worse every day so it gets real hard to keep up with just how much abuse is happening to him because his illness is not being treated instead they lock him in solitary confinement.Diagnosed with schizophrenia he needs medication and socialization and counseling not to be locked in a small room alone where facts prove he will just deteriorate worse,for that matter Kristophers history proves he just deteriorates.I can’t believe anybody could possibly believe it is ok to house mentally ill in prisons when they clearly need to be hospitalized.I am extremely educated on mental illness my mother has been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia,manic depression,bi-polar,high anxiety and a chemical imbalance.My mom has suffered from these illness almost me entire life and I personally have taken care of her since I was about 9 1/2 till now.It breaks my heart that families have to go to a prison to visit their mentaly ill sick family members when if they were at a hospital their illness would be quickly handled and they would be stabilized and back home,but if something isn’t done about Kristopher he runs the great risk of being trapped in his current mental crisis.Please read the article below and learn about Kristophers story.Please share it.Please call Julie Jones(sec of Fl.D.O.C,the Senate and your local House of Representatives and read them Kristophers story.I plan on doing this it may not help but it makes these people aware that a community knows and perhaps maybe they will do something to get Kristopher stabilized,perhaps they will listen to his mother on how to do this as she would know what medications to help him.Here is Kristophers moms statement after visiting with her son today.


Gemma Pena

3 hrs · Starke ·

Just drove 7 hrs to visit Kristopher for 2 hours. He is so incoherent and agitated talking about abuse. The Aliens. The system. The electric shot he was given in his brain. It all happened in 15 minutes. I had to leave. He was slapping himself. Oh Lord Jesus take Control. I got agitated and requested an immediate meeting with the Mental health Warden and his Dr. Mezzina. I requested my son to be on the same medication given by the State that supposedly was stable to stand trial. Also I requested being his advocate and Guardian to be informed and that I will file a grievance with FDLE. Corizon is out Centurion is in. Same owners. Lol. Governor Rick Scott. Prayers are needed Urgent. I advised them my son’s life is State responsibility in fact there was a Regional Inspection that’s why I got a meeting with the Warden I got just a little bit. 

Read Kristophers story in The Guardian by clicking on the link below