It’s been a very long time since I’ve blogged so I figured I’d catch everyone up with some links to some articles that The Miami Herald has ran,I’m also going to upload some other things I believe the world should see.Everyday we wake up there’s inmates in our Florida prisons waking up, preparing for another day of worrying about will they get their meds,will the eat, will staff and/or guards hurt them again or set them up, will they have to stay another day in the box,will they be raoed,will they be made fun of,and /or will they be killed and sadly alot of these inmates are the most vulnerable,the disabled and/or mentally ill.As Florida’s Senate prepares for another year of discussing possible new laws we should be aware that as of last month there was nothing on the table in the area of prison reform.Florida we need to hear your voice,we need help or this is going to be another year of death,another year of beatings,starvings,another year of broken promises by the Florida Senate, Florida House of Representatives and if by The Florida Dept of Corrections.please read these links and enjoy Fox 13’s Craig Patrick has he airs another segment about my brother Harold Hempstead aka The Miami Heralds Caged Crusader and the Florida Senate’s lack of plans for helping our Florida inmates.I’ll start off with Craig Patricks segment:

 Since Fl.Dept of Corr. has been saying for years they have no money I can’t even begin to imagine what their excuse is going to be for doing what they did.Read what Mary Ellen Klas uncovered  
Of course we are always greatful when the Dept of justice intervenes.

Here’s an article where another inmate reports being abused by guards

As you read these articles please remember people who have been sent to prison to be rehabilitated are being tortured and killed.This isn’t going to stop until enough people get sick of watching people be abused and murdered and people get away with it,this isn’t going to stop until people realize our tax dollars contribute to this system of abuse.