Above you will find a youtube link.Jeremy,a man who lives in  Great Britain 1st heard about the death of Darren Rainey and my brothers quest for justice in the newspaper article “The Caged Crusader”published by The Miami Herald. Since than Jeremy has learned about what happens in our Florida prisons and has been trying to help by publishing articles on his blog,(the link to his blog is at the bottom of the page.) he even emails and writes letter to media and The Prime Minister of Great Britain.He came up with the  wonderful idea of reading my brothers sworn affidavits on youtube in hopes that more people can learn what’s going on and perhaps join us in our plight to change this horrible prison system. This will not be the only video on youtube, I am currently working on another one. In this video Jeremy reads the 1st afidavit my brother released.In this affidavit my brother talks about what he seen and heard that horrible night 4 1/2 years ago. 

Sadly we are still waiting for justice for Darren Rainey and we see no change happening either ,Darren Raineys family still waits for justice and everyday of their lives they deal with the thoughts of how Darren Rainey felt in that shower,his pain,his fear,how he cried and begged to be let out! . Everytime I think about the horrible death of Darren Rainey so many questions come to my mind. Why didn’t  someone who worked at Dade C.I. stand up and stop this from happening,other inmates were punished in that same,rigged shower and survived,staff could have told someone on the outside,someone could have saved Darren Rainey!!  

After my brother started to realize that the State Attorney’s office and Homicide Miami Fl were not going to do anything about Darren Raineys death and after my brother spoke to a very special person at The Miami Herald,I started receiving emails from family members of inmates in our Florida prison system.These families all had stories of abuse or stories of their family member not receiving proper medical care,proper mental health care,in alot of instances mentally ill inmates who were being held in 6×9 cages in solitary confinement , stories of rape,stories of suspicious deaths,so many families hurting because there is nothing they can do to stop the madness.In the future I will tell some of their stories on Youtube as well.I can’t say this enough,I’m so proud of my brother,he continues to fight for justice for Darren Rainey but he also fights for change to this very dangerous, corrupt prison system.He is stuck in Hell himself and believes God has put him in a situation where he must help his brothers and sisters in Christ!!!So my brother has wrote and released sworn affidavits on many different things he witnesses in prison,things that shouldn’t be happening,he sends these sworn affidavits to people in high places!People who we are suspose to trust,People who have authority and power,people who can change our Florida prison system but has any if them done anything???Will they ever do anything? ????I’mstarting to think those are very stupid questions.

Please take a moment to read the blogsite below.Jeremy I know you will read this and I want to say thank you for helping my brother.