My brothers affidavit:The night Darren Rainey died: June 23 2012:will justice ever prevail?

Harold Hempstead - Caged Crusader

Harold Hempstead is the key witness to the torture and murder of Darren Rainey, a mentally disturbed, black Muslim convict who was serving two years for possession of a small amount of cocaine, at Dade Correctional Institution, Florida.  While in the prison’s ‘Transitional Care Unit’,  Mr Rainey’s Koran was thown in the trash and he was forced into a specially rigged shower where he suffered temperatures exceeding 180 fahrenheit for almost two hours, before finally collapsing and dying from the effects of the super-heated steam.

Most of Darren Rainey’s skin had come away from his body, but rather than treat the area as a crime-scene, the guards told a convict to throw the dead man’s skin “in the trash.”  The guards then conspired to conceal the crime.  It would very likely have remained concealed, recorded as an ‘accidental death’,  just another black man dead in a U.S. jail, had it…

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