Fl Dept. of Corruptions leave our inmates alone and do your job right.They have the right to have freedom to speak.

Harold Hempstead - Caged Crusader


Free Speech!  Wars are fought in its name.  Laws and Constitutions enshrine it.  It is one of the most fundamental freedoms at the heart of Western culture, yet its existence is under constant threat by agents of the State who are sworn and paid to protect it.  The following document from Harold Hempstead – key witness to the Rainey murder – shows the nature of the retaliation he and other inmates suffered as soon as it became known that they were planning to talk to the press about prison conditions.  I’m the Jeremy Schanche on the list of people the affidavit was copied to.  I can vouch for its contents as I only received my copy of it in January 2017 when it was eventually re-sent.  Various other letters and documents sent between Harold and me from the period he mentions also failed to arrive.

The Civil Right of convicted…

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