We believe all lives matter and we see no color but sadly there are alot of prison guards,top staff in FDS prisons, staff,cops,detectives,medical examiners,State Attorneys.Judges,and people who run the prison system and alot of Government officials!This needs to be stopped.

Harold Hempstead - Caged Crusader

For years I have known that the quest my sister (Windy Hempstead) and I have set out on to obtain justice for the murder of poor, black, mentally disabled, Muslim, prisoner Darren Rainey was going to be a hard one.  Why?  Because I’ve learned throughout my life that most people in this World don’t believe the lives of certain people have the same value/worth as others.  Most people discriminate or are racist against certain races and groups and the people they discriminate against or are racist against, they place below themselves and put a lesser value on their lives.  Out of the 6 classes of people I can think of that are most disliked in America (especially the South) Darren Rainey fit into 5 of the 6 groups.  Poor people, African American people, mentally disabled people, Muslim people and prisoners are 5 of the 6 most disliked peoples in America. …

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