So many people knew Darren Rainey was murdered or that something wasn’t right with the way his body looked and the story being told by staff at the prison.So hmmmmm how can Katherine Fernandez Rundle not file charges?Because she believes the rules of our land do not apply to her,because she didn’t want to face the fact she messed up in 2012 and because she just didn’t care.Perhaps in her eyes Darren Rainey was a black,poor,muslim,crackhead convict!!!!It’s completely unacceptable and this can’t be allowed !!If you are reading this please read my blog and our other blog there’s links on this post to take you to that blog and please share these pages with everybody you know,please put them on all of you social media pages we need help to find Darren Rainey justice and to guarantee government officials are made to uphold the law not pick and choose what cases they want to prosecute!

Harold Hempstead - Caged Crusader

On 3/17/17 the Dade County State Attorney issued an inter-office memorandum stating they weren’t going to prosecute anybody for killing Darren Rainey.  I have this document in my possession and I’d like to share what it says starting in the last paragraph of pg.54.  The last paragraph of pg.54 reads:

“Dr Lew noted that Rainey had an elevated body temperature (as taken by a nurse) after he was taken out of the shower and his temperature was still elevated hours later when it was taken as part of the autopsy protocol.  Without knowing what Rainey’s temperature was before he was placed in  the shower, it is hard for Dr Lew to asses this fact.   The only comment she could make was that, along with knowledge of the time of death, elevated temperature contributed to decomposition and most likely to his skin slippage.”

Did Dr Lew really say she couldn’t…

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