I know my baby brother cried and cried for quite a while after Darren Rainey died,he has a heart,a big one!Darren Rainey should be alive!No one should have to go through what he did yet it happened!Please if you read this I urge you to contact The Miami Dade States Attorneys office Katherine Fernandez Rundle and ask her to resign!! If this doesn’t happen more people will die and their killers will walk free!

Harold Hempstead - Caged Crusader

After Darren Rainey was killed an officer on another shift asked me to tell him everything that happened on the night Rainey was killed.  When I got close to the end of the events that happened on that night, as soon as I told him “I did all that I could do” it seemed like a big light turned on in my head that caused me to clearly see “I didn’t do enough to stop Rainey’s murder.”  As soon as this light turned on, and I realized I didn’t do enough, it felt like a thousand pounds of sadness fell upon me.  From that day on I realized that my failures led to somebody being killed.  From that day on I cried every day for hours a day for about a year.  Over that year I thought not only on how I didn’t do enough to stop Rainey from being…

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