Someone really needs to loose her job!!!!

Harold Hempstead - Caged Crusader

They say actions speak louder than words and it’s my position that Ms Rundle stated Black Lives Don’t Matter in Dade County, Florida, when she held that she wasn’t going to prosecute Rainey’s killers.  I have the Dade County State Attorney Inter-Office Memorandum stating they aren’t going to prosecute and it’s packed with inconsistencies and misquoting of facts and evidence.   I’ve mentioned several of the many problems in the State Attorney’s foregoing document in other blogs I’ve written.

I personally don’t know why Ms Rundle chose the route she did when she could’ve just been honest and admitted that to her Darren Rainey’s life wasn’t worth the money it would cost to prosecute his killers.  Yes, Ms Rundle would’ve received a big backlash if she just clearly stated the foregoing truth, but she has in essence stated the same thing by her actions in not prosecuting Rainey’s killers.

It is…

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