Of course they roughed my little brother up the night he was kidnapped and taken from Florida!My brother was telling the world about all of the laws the prisons were breaking,he was exposing how staff who work for FDC can do whatever they want because they beleive the rules of our lands do not apply to them!Hmmmmthis is going to stop!

Harold Hempstead - Caged Crusader

“He squeezed my throat and said, “you could have had a serious accident, but instead your being spared.  Don’t forget that.  You hear me?”

When the Sgt. let go of my throat, Cpt. Schrank said, “you really p-ssed off the wrong person.”

More testimony of violent assault, serious retaliation and attempted repression of free speech of the Rainey murder witness Harold Hempstead, by Florida Department of Corrections staff.

A few weeks before the night when he was awoken in the small hours, knocked around and transported to Tennessee – on the very same day the Rundle report was released – Harold Hempstead, the key-witness in the torture/murder of Darren Rainey, wrote a sworn affidavit about some of the retaliation he’s received from the Florida Department of Corrections. 

Here’s a brief account from Harold on the manner of his departure from Florida: 

“When I was being escorted from my cell to…

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