Please R.I.P Darren Rainey and R.I.P Daniel Geiger.We wont stop till justice is served and we will make sure this never happens again.

Harold Hempstead - Caged Crusader

Inmate Daniel Geiger was a severely mentally disabled inmate whose mental condition caused him to almost constantly make noise 24 hours a day.  A lot of inmates in the TCU didn’t like to be housed in cells near him because as loud as he was, it made it very hard for people in cells close to him to sleep.  The foregoing is what caused Dade C.I. TCU day-shift security staff to place Geiger in cells next to inmates they didn’t like and they were trying to get to sign out of the TCU.  Sleep deprivation caused most of the inmates in cells next to Geiger to ask to sign out of the TCU.

In the beginning of 2012, inmates MD and SL were housed in Wing J3.  Day shift security staff didn’t like them because they were very verbal and filed grievances on things they didn’t like.  Geiger was moved…

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