I believe if Katherine Fernandez Rundle had filed charges against those who killed Darren Rainey she’d be admitting she was wrong in closing the 1st case against these people involved Darren Raineys death or is there a top Government official who needed Raineys case to go away? Well its not going away,my brother will keep writing and me and our many,many friends will continue to make my brothers voice be heard until Mr Rainey is able to rest in peace,umtil change happens and FDC prisons stop torturing,starving,raping,setting up,beating up,killing etc our people,our families,our friends! Oh and we won’t stop till alot of really big people loose their jobs and/r are charged with crimes themselves!!!!!

Harold Hempstead - Caged Crusader

If you go to the Pinellas County, Florida Clerk of Court records for the case I’m in prison on (Case No.: CRC 99-05695 FANO) it’ll show that my State Attorney used the following in Voir Dire as a way to tell the jury to not focus on small irrelevant facts that have no bearing on the trial.  The State Attorney said “Ladies and gentlemen, imagine if you would, you were at the Superbowl with fifty thousand people watching it in the stadium with you.  A man jumps out of the sitting area on to the field and kills a player.  Everybody watched the killing, you were all eyewitnesses, but none of your statements will be identical.  All the eyewitnesses will say the man who went on the field killed the player, but outside of that, to some degree or another, all the statements will be different.  Some might say it…

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