Harold Hempstead - Caged Crusader

As I read through the Dade County, Florida State Attorney’s 3/17/17 memorandum (hereinafter ‘State Attorney’s memorandum’) stating they’re not going to prosecute anybody for killing Darren Rainey, I noticed there was no reference to some very important records they should’ve obtained in the investigation into Rainey’s brutal murder.  I’m going to list those records and how they are relevant:

1)  The Dade County State Attorney should’ve obtained the Florida Department of Corrections (FDC) ‘Forced Hygiene Compliance Procedure’.  This FDC Procedure lists the specific actions all FDC staff must follow if an inmate refuses to shower.   Those who killed Rainey lied and said Rainey refused to shower on the night they killed him.  This procedure would show that the shower Rainey was placed in violated this procedure.  This procedure would show that the duty warden and psychiatrist at Dade C.I were both supposed to be contacted and told that Rainey was…

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