Harold Hempstead - Caged Crusader

On 6/23/12 when Darren Rainey was murdered the MDPD was assigned to investigate said murder.  On that same day the MDPD assigned case number : 1206 23238979MDPD as the MDPD case number for the Rainey murder.

MDPD and Miami-Dade County Florida State Attorney records will show that from 6/23/12 till June 2014, the MDPD didn’t conduct any investigations into the Rainey murder.

All law enforcement officials are taught to not postpone investigating a case.  Why?  Because as time passes evidence is destroyed or lost, witnesses die and their memories get worse.  All law enforcement officials know that as time passes the chances of proven the crime decrease.  The MDPD detectives assigned to the Rainey case knew the foregoing and they still refused to investigate the Rainey case.  Why do you think the MDPD refused to investigate the Rainey case for approximately two years, knowing that as time progress the chance…

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