@kathyfndzrundle are you really blocking Darren Rainey supporters

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Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle plays by her own rules, rather than by the rule of law. Her recent “Close Out Memo” on the 2012 scalding homicide of mentally ill Dade Correctional Institution inmate Darren Rainey was inaccurate – it described fellow scalding shower victim Daniel Geiger as being alive, although he died under suspicious circumstances at Lake Correctional Institution last November. The Memo also engaged in character assassination, specifically, that of whistleblower/inmate Harold Hempstead, who persistently brought Darren Rainey’s homicide to the attention of the Miami Herald.

To facilitate this character assassination, Rundle withheld the audio police interview of whistleblower Hempstead, unlike other interviews.

Hempstead maintains that “there’s no logical reason why the audio interview I had with the police wasn’t turned over to the media…

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