I received news that a federal judge had ruled Milton Grimes could retest the skin samples from Darren Raineys autopsy.Uggggggg I can not help but wonder whats going to happen next?Is this going to lead to justice for Darren Rainey and closure for his family or is this going to lead to more confusion??? 1st I urge Attorney Milton Grimes to do a D.N.A test on the samples he receives!!!! 2nd did the Miami/Dade Medical examiner test the small percentage of Darren Raineys body that had no burns or are we dealing with skin samples from the actual burns?????


Here is a link where you can view the post mortem photos of Darren Rainey but I must tell you they are graphic and his body is covered in burns!!!


When my brother Harold Hempstead 1st told me about Darren Raineys death and when he started on this journey for justice I never,ever imagined it would be 5 years later and he would still have no justice! I never imagined this journey would lead us to the doors of Miami/Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundles office with fingers from alot of people pointing at her for the lack of justice.I must say it saddens me to think there are government officials out there who do not care about other people and use their job to feel in control and/or just for the money!! I beleive you should read this article and after you do you will most likely find yourself agreeing with me!Miami/Dade citizens watch out …….