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justice for inmate Darren Rainey and Getting the truth out about my brothers trial and his wrongful conviction


My name is Windy Hempstead.I have a little brother,Harold Hempstead D.C#268866, who is currently stuck in our wonderful Florida Dept.of Corruptions.My little brother is serving a 165 year sentence for 30+ burglaries although their was no evidence that really placed him inside these house other than the testimony of 2 juveniles whose fingerprints were all over inside these house.The Judge also charged my brother with 3 armed burglary charges because guns were stolen from a few of these homes.At no time was there anyone present at any of the houses that were burglarized and my brother has maintained his innocence  saying that he is guilty of possession of stolen property and dealing in stolen goods.The State Attorney and Judge refused to let my brothers history as a paid confidential informant be introduced into evidence at his trial.My brother plead not guilty and even refused an offer for 18 years stating he was innocent and would not plead guilty.My brothers trial resembled a 4 ring circus with my brothers court appointed attorney falling to sleep during trial several times and  a Judge and State Attorney who wanted this paid confidential informant behind bars ,not to mention,jurys reported receiving calls offering them money to find my brother guilty,state witnesses who became defence witnesses and told of threats received by  detectives, .within a few years of my brother going to prison the judge was caught looking at porn on his office computer,which infected computers with a virus .The same judge who botched tons of trials and was forced to retire.My brother entered the Fl Dept of Correction prison system in 2000,17 years ago.Alot of bad things have happened to my brother Alot!My brother witnessed alot of bad things happen to other inmates and started looking for a way to stop this madness.He studied and became a certified Paralegal he also has received over 50 completions and/or Doctrines in Religious studies.In June of 2012 my brother watched 2 guards walk  black,muslim,mentally ill Darren Rainey past my brothers cell.My brother knew these guards were going to punish Darren Rainey with their specially rigged shower as several other mentally ill inmates had received the same punishment or shall I say torture.They put Darren Rainey in this shower where it was locked from the outside and the temp.controls were on the outside,these guards put the hot water on and left Darren Rainey in there for about an hour and a half.My brother listened to Darren Rainey scream,I’m sorry,I won’t do it again,let me out, my brother listened to Darren Rainey cry and scream for his life as the water was so hot Darren Rainey suffered from what they call skin slippage and later inmates had to clean chunks of Darren Raineys skin off the floor of this rigged shower.Darren Rainey died an unimaginable death and my brother couldn’t live knowing he was murdered by guards who were suppose to take care of him,my brother couldn’t let these guards do this and get away with it and possibly kill again.He told me what happened and while my brother was at Dade C.I where Darren Rainey died,I started calling Miami Dade Homicide,The State Attorneys office in Miami and The medical examiners office keeping tabs on the investigation into Darren Raineys death,from the inside my brother was writing these same officials letters inquiring about the investigation.My brother was at Dade C.I where Mr Rainey was tortured and murdered and where the guards who killed him still worked and the staff that was attempting to cover his death up still worked  and they started to find out that my brother was writing these letter so I started the process to have my brother transferred out of Dade C.I and in Jan 2013 my brother was transferred but for whatever reason my lil brother was sent back to Dade C.I between June and July of 2013.My heart hit the floor ,how could they send him back there?He had filed almost 100 grievances about Dade C.I and the death of Darren Rainey.How could The Fl. Dept,of Corr. send him back to guards and staff my brother had told on.We continued with our fight to get these guards arrested and Darren Rainey Justice but found out Miami Dade closed its homicide case so after alot of talking and careful planning we decided the best thing at this point was to get media involved.My brother is my hero here he is in prison,he witnesses guards torture and kill an inmate,he then pursues justice for this inmate while being housed at the same prison,with the same guards who killed and tortured Darren Rainey and when it seemed like that wasn’t going to happen he did’t give up and in April  2014 I contacted The Miami Herald and had an editor go out to the prison and interview my brother.The Miami Herald ran its 1st story on the death of Darren Rainey on May 17th 2014.Immediatly my brother began receiving threats ,I began to send out emails to many, many Fl.D.O.C  top members and began making phone calls and managed to get my brother transferred the next day.My brother is a hero,because he had the courage to do what he did we now have a Federal CRIPPA investigation into the death of Darren Rainey,because my brother had the courage to talk to media The Miami Herald decided they’d do their own investigation into Floridas prison system and uncovered so many cases of inmates being starved,inmates being raped,set up,beat up,drugged,inmates being tortured,inmates not receiving proper medical care or no medical care and inmates being murdered.Since my brother came forward he has been harassed alot and at many different prisons,yet he continues to write anybody he can think of about the death of Darren Rainey and he has also wrote sworn affidavits on other illegal situations going on within our Florida prison system.I make this promise to you I only write the truth and I back it up with proof.My little brother showed me what 1 voice can do.Please get involved if not in helping change our Florida Dept.of Corrections prison system,pick a cause ,our world is a mess.1 voice can make a difference.








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  1. Thankyou so much for your prayers and encouraging words,I really do appreciate them and it does encourage me when I see complete strangers caring for my brother,it gives me hope 🙂


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