Listen to the Sworn affidavit about Darren Raineys death by Harold Hempstead  (The Caged Crusader ) Above you will find a youtube link.Jeremy,a man who lives in  Great Britain 1st heard about the death of Darren Rainey and my brothers quest for justice in the newspaper article “The Caged Crusader”published by The Miami Herald. Since than Jeremy has learned about what happens in our Florida prisons and has been trying […]

Locked in a 6×9 cell by FL.Dept of Corruptions…left to die & they don’t care,he’s mentally ill 

Nikko Albanese Inmate # B11083 is another 1 of Florida’s unfortunate, mentally ill inmates who finds himself locked in a 6×9 cell, in solitary confinement,where he has remained for about 5 years.Sadly no1 in our Florida prison system cares!!!!Nikko wakes up every morning most likely very confused,will he eat,will he take his meds,where’s his family,why […]

So with 2016 over our Florida prisons had even more inmates die

So it looks like every year things just keep getting worse,Julie Brown(1 of my favorite investigative journalist)reports for The Miami Herald that 2016 had more inmates die than previous years.This does not surprise me but it definitely disgusts me. How many more people are going to die before something changes???? Now I know alot […]